About Think Alcohol

The website creation

Designing this website

This alcohol awareness website was designed by young people in Dudley Borough. It aims to give a young person’s view on alcohol and the things they most want to know about. The content has been requested directly by the young people and reviewed by specialists in the alcohol harm reduction.


A lot of thought, care and attention has gone into making the website educational but also recognising that some young people do drink alcohol. We want to ensure that the website has enough information on it, that it will help young people to be safer and reduce the risk of them becoming vulnerable.

We are by no means encouraging young people to drink alcohol or to normalise drinking for them, instead we have taken great care to make it easy for young people to slowly explore the issues that are relevant to them, in their own time.


Research suggests that by providing information to young people will not only help them to make informed decisions for themselves, but are also able to cope when they make mistakes. This then gives them the tools to deal with the situation and the awareness to ask for help. Research also shows that young people, who receive this type of input, generally start drinking later than their peers and are more likely to be safe when they do.

We have had a reassuring response from the young people who have reviewed the website and we will continue to design and develop their ideas and build on the website over time.

If you would like anymore help and support or cannot find what you want on this site, then please feel free to contact us.

The site is monitored and supported by professionals in the Office of Public Health, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.